Introduction to Diamond Stones

Diamond stones are an increasingly popular choice among those who sharpen blades, as they offer a range of advantages. Diamonds are considered one of the hardest substances in nature, making them invaluable for grinding and polishing hard and brittle materials such as knives and swords. The tiny particles embedded on diamond stones provide extremely fine abrasive action that helps to create a smooth, razor-sharp edge. In addition to their durability, diamond stones require little maintenance since they stay lubricated with water rather than oil or machinery.

When it comes to sharpening a blade with a diamond stone, there are two primary methods used: push cutting and draw cutting. Push cutting requires pressing the blade directly against the surface of the stone for an even grind along its entire length. Draw cutting involves pulling the blade across the stone from tip to hilt in a continuous motion. Many practitioners favor push cutting as it allows them greater control over the angle of sharpening, resulting in better results with less risk of over-grinding.

No matter which approach is taken, diamond stones offer versatility above all else; with them, one can sharpen both blunt blades and overly acute edges effectively without fear of damaging either type of blade’s distinct properties. One can even go beyond standard knife sharpening and employ specialized applications such as putting razors back into shape or restoring broken pieces of knives or swords straight out of history!

What Makes a Good Quality Diamond Stone?

Diamond hardness is of utmost importance when selecting a good quality diamond stone. The higher the hardness of the diamond, the better it will perform at cutting and sharpening various hard materials.

The size of the diamond particles or grit is also key when choosing a diamond stone. Finer diamond particles in a range of 600-2500 microns will provide a smoother edge while coarser particles such as 50-400 microns will leave more scratches and create a less polished finish.

Lastly, an effective bonding agent is necessary to keep the diamond particles in place during use. Quality bond material should not become dislodged from any surface reshaping during sharpening, otherwise grinding performance could be hindered as well as lifetime of the tool reduced. A well-bonded stone should remain stable even after repeated harsh abrasive use.

Reviews of the Top 5 Diamond Stones

* Diamond Twin Continuous Sharpening System: This system offers a two-stage process of sharpening quickly and efficiently with diamond stones inserted in plastic sleeves on either side that move horizontally. With the help of a built-in angle guide, you can sharpen any type of blade with ease. It also includes two extra abrasive brackets to extend the life and performance of the stone itself.

* DMT Dia-Sharp Sharpening Stone: This dual sided diamond stone is made from monocrystalline diamonds, ensuring consistent performance over time. The grooved surface helps catch metal filings for an even faster sharpening experience, and the block size fits comfortably in your hand during use. It comes with a synthetic base to prevent slipping on slippery surfaces.

* Smith’s 2-Step Knife Sharpener: A professional grade sharpening system that includes two high grade diamond sharpening stones (fine & coarse), as well as a rubberized base that keeps it steady while being used. This razor-sharp edge is ideal for quickly restoring knives, scissors and other cutting implements to optimal performance levels.

* Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone System: This comprehensive kit comes with five different stones offering progressively finer grits ranging from coarse to ultra fine polishers for exceptional results. The 8” knife clamp secures blades up to 3” wide allowing for precise angles and strokes, while stabilizing feet assure no slippage when in use. Its sturdy construction ensures long lasting use, making it suitable for home or professional use.

* Chef’s Choice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener: An advanced electric knife sharpener developed by experts providing three stages involved in creating ultra-sharp edges – so you get superior results every time! A powerful motor precisely controls each stage giving you smooth functioning at high speed ensuring accurate control when sharpening all types of knives including stainless steel serrated edges as well as straight edged blades.

Choose the Right Stone for You

There are many types of diamond stones on the market, each offering a unique combination of coarse and fine grits to be used for sharpening. Understanding the differences between them can help you make an informed decision when selecting a stone for your sharpening needs.

The most common type of stones used for sharpening are the monocrystalline diamond stones, which feature closely spaced diamonds that provide consistent cutting action. They come in both coarse and fine grits and produce excellent results on all kinds of blades, from standard kitchen knives to chisels and saw blades. Some of these stones even come with a double-sided design, letting you use two different grades of diamonds at once for faster results.

Another popular diamond stone is the polycrystalline variety, which features smaller clusters of diamonds set in a metal composite makes it ideal for more delicate knives such as pocket knives. Polycrystalline diamond stones make quick work of stropping and polishing blades due to their wider surface area but require more maintenance as they tend to dull quickly over time.

Finally, an oil or water based honing solution can be used in conjunction with diamond stones to help improve their effectiveness when sharpening edges. By applying a few drops before each pass you can ensure that your knife stays smooth while avoiding the creation of extremely coarse edges which may cause excessive wear over time. Furthermore, honing solutions also help reduce friction between blade and stone so that less effort is required in order to sharpen effectively, meaning it takes less time overall.


The best diamond stone is a great choice for honing your blades and keeping them sharper for longer periods of time. It offers superior quality, delivers quick and consistent results, and reduces the risk of damaging your cutting edges. Considering the range of available prices, it is easy to find an ideal diamond stone that fits both your application and budget. With proper maintenance, diamond stones will greatly extend the lifespan of your blades so you can enjoy their use longer. To learn more about sharpening tools and blade maintenance, visit our blog for helpful tips and advice.