A beveled edge knife is a specialized type of cutting tool that is composed of two identical symmetrical blades, or sides, with one side having a higher angle of incidence than the other. This unique feature allows the knife to offer superior control and precision when cutting, as it can easily be maneuvered in tight spaces and around curves without damaging material.

The beveled edge knife has been used for centuries, with predecessors being traced back to ancient China. The design was further developed by German craftspeople during the Middle Ages and served as an essential tool on European farms and workshops up until modern times. Today, the beveled edge knife continues to possess value in the kitchen and workshop settings, offering users an unparalleled level of control accompanied by ample safety features.

Types of Beveled Edge Knives

When looking for a beveled edge knife there are many options available, ranging from classic carbon steel blades to ultra-modern stainless steel varieties. Carbon steel blades tend to have an edge that is easily sharpened yet relatively brittle and prone to oxidation. Stainless steel blades are resistant to wear and corrosion, however they maintain a duller edge than carbon steels but can be honed to a razor-like level of precision with regular maintenance. There is also a wide variety of ergonomically designed handles available on the market, granting better grip and leverage when used for tough tasks such as cutting through flesh or tough vegetables. Additionally, more heavy duty blades can offer serrated edges which give them the ability to cut through tougher material when precision accuracy is not required. When comparing brands it is important to ensure that they are made from quality materials while considering blade length, weight, shape and handle design in order to find the best fit for your needs.

Advantages of a Beveled Edge Knife

A beveled edge knife is a great tool for anyone looking to make quick work of a variety of food preparation tasks. With its pointed, sharp beveled cutting surface on both sides of the blade, this type of knife is perfect when it comes to making clean, precise cuts across a wide range of foods. When using a beveled edge knife, cooks can easily slice fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers into thin shapes for salads or sandwiches. The bevel also makes it easy for cook’s to mince herbs and garlic with precision. Additionally, this type of knife can quickly cut through steaks and chicken breasts without tearing out unnecessary portions. It even handles more stubborn fruits like pineapples easily too! No matter what the task, you can rely on a beveled edge knife to get the job done quickly and cleanly!

When to Use a Beveled Edge Knife

When to Use a Beveled Edge Knife:

– Carving and whittling
– Detailed paring in preparation for traditional French cuisine dishes
– Creating components for intricate crafts, such as chip carving, scroll saw blades, and even cutting intarsia patterns for marquetry
– Trimming vegetable and fruit rinds or peeling hard boiled eggs
– Incising decorative lines into furniture and other objects

When Not to Use a Beveled Edge Knife:
-Dicing onions, potatoes, peppers, etc. (Alternate solution: use a Chef’s knife)
-Portioning meat (Alternate solution: use a cleaver)
-Cutting bread (Alternate solution: use a serrated bread knife)
-Chopping chicken or fish bones (Alternate solution: use a heavy duty cleaver)

Care and Maintenance

A beveled edge knife offers a razor-sharp cutting edge when cared for properly. In order to keep it in top condition, it is important to store the knife in a safe and accessible place such as an in-drawer block or wooden sheath. Additionally, avoid using your beveled edge knives on hard surfaces, instead using them on wood or plastic cutting boards. Keeping honing and sharpening steel tools on hand to sharpen and realign the blade as needed will help extend the life of the blade. Finally, be sure to immediately hand wash it with warm soapy water and dry completely after each use.


A beveled edge knife is an invaluable tool for any kitchen. Its ergonomic design features two angled sides that make it easy to perform precise cuts quickly and efficiently. The sharp angle of the blade makes it useful for everything from slicing fruit to breaking down meat and making delicate garnishes. With the right maintenance and care, a beveled edge knife can last a lifetime and become an indispensable addition to your cooking repertoire.

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